Whenever two or more people meet for a drink there is always time for a game or two of backgammon ! For over three hundred years this popular game has been played in friendship, and competitively, by young and old alike.

CABILLA DESIGNS are making strong and attractive hand-made tables in three different colours.

Crafted by a master craftsman they are fun to look at, comfortable to play on, and have a side rest for your glass and score pad. The legs fold in so the table can be easily stored if necessary.

Complete with thirty coloured counters, four dice, two shakers, a doubling die, score pad and the “history and rules of the game”

To order please write to :
Mrs Louella Hanbury-Tenison,
Cabilla Manor, Mount, Bodmin, Cornwall. PL30 4DW
Tel : 01208 821224   Fax : 01208 821267

We can supply the tables in either red, racing green or dark blue, for £285.00 (plus delivery by courier).

These tables are NOT made anywhere else and make a really lovely Christmas present for the whole family; wedding or birthday present; and are a MUST for any hotel, club, pub, school or college games room, mess room, reception area, waiting room, sitting room or bar. Made to the highest standard these tables will give years of pleasure.


Robin and Louella Hanbury-Tenison